When you fall backwards...

... blackout and bump your head!

Woke up at Acton Town on the station platform, looking up at the stars ✨✨✨ don't know how long I was out. Nobody came to my aid, even though I'm sure there are cameras pointing to the end of the platform.
Blood dripping from my head. I slowly rose to my feet before walking the length of the platform, slowly, to raise the alarm 🚨

Long story short, after an hour waiting for an ambulance 🚑 the paramedics did a great job looking after me. Neck brace, pain relief, great pair of guys!

Took me to West Middlesex Hospital 🏥 to be checked out, spent the night, scans and bloods taken, nothing broken, everything in tact! 😅

The outcome could've been so much worse...

Thank you NHS!

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